Are you interested in seeing the behind-the-scenes at MMBNT? You can volunteer!
We have several different volunteer opportunities available:

•    Lab: Our volunteers are trained to be hands-on with our donated milk. From homogenizing and pouring raw milk to labeling and counting bottles, you can take part in the milk’s journey from beginning to end!
Hours available: Monday-Thursday 7 AM- 3 PM; Friday 7 AM-Noon

•    Office: These are the tasks that make sure our donors are taken care of. Tasks include: assembling packets, filling out forms, stuffing envelopes, etc. These projects are also available to be taken home and completed!
Hours available: Monday- Thursday 7 AM- 4 PM; Friday 7 AM- 2 PM; also available to be taken home by request

•    Milk Inventory: Volunteers will work alongside our Inventory Technician to log in donated milk as well as pack shipments to be sent out to hospitals.
Hours available: Monday- Thursday 7 AM- 4 PM; Friday 7 AM- 2 PM

•    Referrals: Anybody can refer potential donors to the milk bank! The most common way we receive new donors is by word of mouth. You can take packets to your physician or pediatrician to pass out in their new mommy bags, or you can share our mission with the nursing mother you pass in the grocery store. We always like to be talked about!

Please contact a.trotter@texasmilkbank.org if you are interested in volunteering.