Ronnie entered the world at 28 weeks due to his pregnancy complications.

When Ronnie was born, Nikki and her husband had to decide how they were going to feed him. Nikki did not feel comfortable pumping for him, as she was on blood pressure medication and worried how that could affect her son. Formula also seemed like a risky choice for his fragile state. After much thought, the family put their faith in donor milk.

Ronnie needed help breathing for the first six weeks of his life – he used a CPAP for a month, followed by a nasal cannula for two weeks. He had a hole in his heart that closed after about four months, and while he had the beginning stages of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), the condition resolved after about five months. After 66 days in the NICU, Ronnie joined his family at home.

He is now a happy and healthy 7 month old, receiving physical therapy to help with his delays in development. Nikki believes that donor milk provided Ronnie with the right foundation and nutrition he needed to grow. Donor moms, in Nikki’s opinion, are true angels. “I am so thankful for each and every drop they donate,” she said. “They are the most selfless and generous women in the world!”