Ordering Milk for a Hospital

General ordering information:
1.    Call 817-810-0071 or toll free 866-810-0071 Monday –Thursday 9 AM-3 PM. Urgent only orders are taken Friday morning 9 AM – Noon.
2.    Alternatively, orders may be emailed or faxed- sal@texasmilkbank.org, fax 817-810-0087.  Please call to verify that your order was received.
3.    If your hospital requires a purchase order number for orders please have the number available when you call to order. If not, please give us the contact information of the person who will need to receive the invoice.
4.    Information we will need:
•    Please order by number of bottles needed (milk is supplied in 100 mL bottles)
•    Type of milk (20, 22 or 24 calories per ounce)
•    Specific shipping address, the name of the person receiving the milk and any specific delivery instructions
•    Billing information
•    Person receiving the milk (i.e. charge nurse, unit secretary, receiving dock supervisor)
Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering

What is the volume of each bottle?
100 milliliters
How fast can we receive the milk?
Orders received by noon, Monday through Thursday can be shipped the same day if needed and will arrive by 10:30 the following morning. Please avoid ordering on Friday due to FedEx restrictions on Saturday deliveries.

In an urgent situation, we can receive milk on Saturday?

We prefer not to ship milk on Friday for Saturday arrival due to FedEx shipping restrictions for weekend delivery, however, in urgent situations we WILL ship on Friday for Saturday delivery.  Instructions for delivery on Saturday must be very specific due to hospital ancillary department closures. The name of a staff member that will be available to receive the milk must be provided. Additionally, the hospital will be given the tracking number and is responsible for tracking Saturday deliveries and contacting FedEx if necessary. Please help us avoid Friday deliveries by checking your supply earlier in the week.

Can a parent order milk and bring it to the NICU themselves?
No, infants that are hospitalized can only receive milk if the hospital orders and receives it. Parents are not able to order, pick up or receive and take to the hospital themselves milk for their infant that is in-patient.  Similar to other supplies or treatments (IVs, medications, etc…), patients do not purchase and bring these items to the hospital.