The Heroes

The heroes of the milk bank are our milk donors.

Donors are wonderful, generous women who care about the health of babies they have never met. Our donor mothers graciously agree to go through a screening process which includes blood testing to be accepted as a human milk donor. They are not compensated for their milk donation. They donate their milk out of a true desire to help another mother who is unable to provide milk for her sick or premature infant. They are rewarded by knowing that their donation may save the life of someone else’s baby. Some of these mothers are blessed with a very abundant milk supply and collect their excess milk for the milk bank. Others have an adequate milk supply for their own baby but deeply desire to be a milk donor and work very hard to donate the minimum 100 ounces. Another group of mothers are the ones who have experienced the loss of their precious baby and through their grief, find the strength to donate their stored milk so that they might help another baby.

All of these mothers are heroes and we are grateful for each one of them. Thank you donor mothers for your selfless and generous contributions to the babies we serve.