Dropping Off Milk

Please follow these instructions before dropping your milk off at a collection site:

  • Place your milk bags or containers in a plastic bag (i.e. a clean grocery bag). Tie the bag tightly.
  • Write your name and donor ID # on the outside of the bag with a permanent marker or place a card inside of the bag with your name and donor ID # written on it. If you do not remember your donor ID # when you are dropping off milk, please make sure the bag is labeled with your first and last name. You may also contact MMBNT to request your donor ID #.

    *We CANNOT use milk if we cannot identify the donor!

  • If you drop off more than one grocery bag at a collection site, please make sure each bag is labeled as specified above.
  • Place your milk in an ice chest or cooler (ice is not necessary) and drop it off at one of our collection sites. Donors may drop off any amount of milk at any time, however often they wish.
  • Milk can only be used when a donor has been approved. This means a donor’s file is complete with the donor interview, blood results, provider signatures, and approval confirmation. Donors are allowed to drop off milk at any point after they have completed the phone interview.

Shipping Milk:

Donors who do not live near a milk collection site have the option to ship their milk to us. The Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas will provide these donors with the necessary shipping supplies to assure the milk is sent back to us safely. Please contact our donor coordinator at 817.810.0071 or moms@texasmilkbank.org to request shipping supplies.