Donor Stories

I made a TON and have since I gave birth to my first child over 12 years ago. Of course, back then I was not aware of milk banks so all that milk was wasted. Last year, when I had our fourth, I knew where to take my extra milk! MMBNT was a phone call away and after I figured out that my daughter was dairy intolerant, I knew I could help even more. Total we shared over 1,000 ounces of liquid gold to little babies! I am praying that if there are more babies in my future I will be able to donate then too!

I didn't know that people donated milk when I had my first. I was running out of freezer space with baby #2 and looked into it. The first thing I found was a for-profit bank and after doing research realized I wanted it to go to a nonprofit. I live in Georgia and MMBNT was the closest with a 100oz instead of a 200oz minimum. I was also happy to see the hospital I delivered at here was on the list. I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to help babies in need.

As a NICU nurse, I see the amazing benefits breast milk has on our preemies. I felt the need to donate my extra milk to continue to provide for these infants.

 I had a tough time with my first child but we were determined and nursed until 17 months. Giving away that final batch of milk was like therapy for me. Now with my second child, there are no roadblocks but it's the same mentality of 'I can do it for my baby and maybe even give away a little,’ that keeps me going.

My son and I never got the whole mouth-to-boob thing down, so I became an exclusive pumper at 2 weeks postpartum. I had a really good supply, and eventually I had a freezer full of milk. I looked into donation, as I was running out of room!

A friend of mine at work was donating and I was about to have a baby, so I thought, “why not donate?” I had heard how important breast milk was for NICU babies and I have had several friends who delivered preemies. It was hard to see them so tiny and small and fighting for life. I was amazed at how much the milk they received through donations helped them grow stronger quicker. I know for me I didn't want to give my babies formula and felt that if some other mommy felt the same way then I could be a part of that for them. I also have a sweet friend who had trouble producing enough for her babies when I had more than enough to share and save. My heart hurt for her through the struggles she faced. I saw what it could be like for many others to struggle when I have been blessed. That was when it was clear to me not to be stingy with something that came free to me. For my friend, Liz, who struggled tremendously and for Anita and her little boy, Nate, now a big boy. Also, for Lorelai (Carla) a friend’s sweet baby girl whose story touched my heart.

My husband and I believe in breastfeeding and the enormous benefits it has. So when the lactation consultant in my local hospital suggested helping babies in need through donating expressed milk, I had to help. My experience with the Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas has been nothing short of delightful. The staff is friendly and helpful and I have made connections with them that will go far beyond my time of donating.

I decided to donate after my youngest son was born with Laryngomalacia. He was hospitalized at Cook Children’s Medical Center numerous times.  Riley was only able to eat about 3oz at each feeding, so I had a surplus of breastmilk. My freezer and deep freezer filled up quickly. After the first time he was hospitalized, I knew that I would continue to donate through the Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas. It means a lot to me that I was able to donate so much and help so many babies. 

My newborn had emergency lung surgery at Children's, so I was pumping around the clock the maintain supply even though he wasn't able to eat for a while (they eventually gave him small amounts of my milk through his feeding tube). Anyway, I pumped constantly and by the time we were discharged from the hospital, 2 weeks later, I had 90 ounces of breast milk. I just knew that would all go to waste at home and may even go bad on my drive home, so I began researching milk banks and came across MMBNT. Children's also recommended this as their preferred source of breastmilk, so I contacted Simone. I was leaving town to take my (healthy!) baby home, but MMBNT made it so easy for me. We found the nearest lab for me to stop by on my way out of town to do blood work and she mailed me the paperwork to fill out. Then a courier came to the hospital to pick up the milk. I was so glad it could go to sweet little preemies instead of going to waste in my freezer or thawing in the ice chest on the way home!