Texas Milk Bank

Our Story

The Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas (MMBNT) was established for the purpose of improving the survivability and enhancing the development of premature and critically ill infants in the North Texas area by providing human milk nutrition. MMBNT was founded in 2003 by local neonatologist, Susan Sward-Comunelli, MD.


The principle function of the Mothers' Milk Bank of North Texas is to collect human milk from screened donors.  The milk is tested, processed and then dispensed on a prescription basis to infants without access to their own mother's milk.


The use of human milk has been proven to enhance the survivability and decrease complications of premature infants.  Often, mothers of premature infants cannot provide their own milk for a variety of reasons; including premature delivery, illness or medication use.


Pasteurization began in September 2004, with approximately 1,000 ounces dispensed.  Each month since has seen an increase in ounces processed and dispensed. Currently, MMBNT dispenses an average of 56,000 ounces per month.

Who benefits from donor human milk? How do we make it safe for the most fragile babies? Meet our staff, donor moms and milk recipient families and hear their stories.


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