Collecting and Storing Milk

Note: These are general guidelines for collecting and storing milk while donating to Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas.
Milk can still be donated if these techniques were not followed exactly. Please contact MMBNT for further information.

•    Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before handling pump or pump parts.
•    Gently wipe nipples and breast with a clean, damp washcloth before each pumping.
•    Express or pump your milk into a sterile container.
* MMBNT will provide donors with milk bags when requested.
•    Once milk has been pumped, write the pump date on the container with permanent marker.
•    If milk is collected while taking medication, make note of the medication on each container, or contact MMBNT with exact dates of medication use.
•    Refrigerate or freeze your milk within 30 minutes of pumping. You may refrigerate your milk for up to 24 hours before freezing. More than one pumping session can be combined together, as long as it is frozen within the initial 24 hour time period.
•    Clean your pump after use. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for proper cleaning technique.
Ready to donate your excess milk? Call our Donor Coordinator at 817.810.0071 to begin the screening process today!