Stacy M.

On November 22, 2014, we welcomed our third baby, our first boy! 11 weeks earlier at our 20-week scan we were given devastating news, that our baby boy had Trisomy 18, and was labeled as "incompatible with life." As I carried him, we loved him unconditionally and in our eyes he was "compatible with love and joy." Our sweet boy blessed us with an hour and a half before the angels took him home. The time we had with him is a priceless gift that I will carry and treasure in my heart forever. I nursed and pumped with my two older girls for a full year, so after he was born I started pumping around the clock. Pumping is my way to still feel connected to him. In his memory, I decided to donate my milk to help other sweet babies that can benefit from something so special, and it makes me so proud of him. It is such an amazing feeling to make something good out of something so heartbreaking.

A gift of love from my sweet angel, Kaden.