Become a Donor

Follow these easy steps to become a milk donor:
    1. Complete a phone screening to determine eligibility
    2. Complete and return a donor interview
    3. Visit a designated lab for a blood draw
    4. Deliver your milk to a milk depot or ship your milk to MMBNT

To begin the donation process, please call our Donor Coordinator at 817.810.0071 or toll-free at 866-810-0071. You may also email us at

Donor Eligibility:

Donor mothers must be:
•    In good health
•    Willing to have blood tests to rule out communicable diseases
•    Only using approved medications; *Please call MMBNT to determine approved medications.*
•    Free from smoking, illegal drug use and regular alcohol use
•    Willing to donate a minimum of 100 ounces.
A woman may NOT donate if:
•    She is at risk for HIV or has a sexual partner at risk for HIV
•    She uses illegal drugs
•    She smokes
•    She regularly drinks more than 2 oz of liquor daily
•    Her doctor believes there is a contraindication to milk donation
•    She is taking anything to enhance her milk production, including fenugreek
•    Between 1980-1996, she lived in the UK for 3 months or more, or if she has collectively spent more than 5 years in Europe

Blood testing:

The Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas will send a donor to Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp for her blood draw. If a donor does not have either of those labs near her, the donor coordinator will arrange to have her blood drawn elsewhere. The Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas will cover the cost of blood screenings for donor mothers.

A blood test screens for:
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
RPR (syphilis)

Any positive blood test makes a woman ineligible to donate milk. Unfortunately, we are unable to use the blood test results a donor may have from her prenatal care or from recent testing. MMBNT is required to perform the above tests for every woman who wishes to donate.

Once a donor has completed the phone screening, donor paperwork, and blood testing, her file will be reviewed by our executive director and our physician. After this, her file will be approved and she will be notified that MMBNT can then process and dispense her milk to premature infants in NICUs.  A donor can then drop her milk off at a depot site or she may ship her milk to us.

Who Donates the Milk?